Clann Tartan


Colonel Gaffney's Regiment is a unit of Scottish mercenaries and their camp followers from the year 1630. The Regiment portrays part of the 20 to 30 thousand Scots who served Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, in the 30 years War. The Regiment is portrayed by Clann Tartan, a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to teach the history of Scotland from the invention of the kilt in the late 1500's, to its being outlawed by the English after the Rebellion of 1745.

Clann Tartan appears at events throughout the year ranging from schools, to black powder rendezvous, to being featured visitors at historic sites. The Regiment portrays Scotland before the cultural devastation that followed the final defeat by the English, and at a time when huge numbers of men (up to 5% of Scotland's population) left to fight in Europe's last great war of religion. Visitors are encouraged to attend the scheduled military drills and other demonstrations or to interact with the Regiment!

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