The Scottish Clans area is a colorful and educational part of any highland games. If you are looking for geneological information, historical information regarding the clans of Scotland, or just generally interested in Scottish life, Clan Row is the place to be! Come see the beatiful tartans, Scottish attire, and reference materials on display.

The Clans and Family represented in Minnesota are mostly members of a very unique organization called the Minnesota Coalition of Scottish Clans. Founded in 1982, the Minnesota Coalition of Scottish Clans is a non-profit organization comprised of Clan/Family Societies and Associations interested in building their membership and supporting the promotion of Scottish culture.

Clan or Non-profit Representative Registration Packet

Clans who have not participated before must be sanctioned by their national clan organization to represent the clan. Clans wishing to march in the parade but not exhibit should contact no later than July 1.

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